Hi, my name is Sylvia.  My works are inspired by memories. happiness. romance.

I’ve started my photography business back in February 2012, but have been practicing photography the moment I’ve laid my hands on my first camera. I was always (and still am) the girl in the group that had a camera handy to capture every eventful moment in her life. Words are not enough for me, maybe it’s because I’m not that great of a writer; however, when I look at photographs, I am mesmerized by how pictures have the ability to bring back those little moments that might have slipped away from our memories as time passes. At first, I’ve started with scrapbooking as a hobby, then as I grew older, it just naturally became evident to me that I was in love with the act of storytelling. Living life as a photographer has given me the creative outlet I needed to express my gift and passion for catching memories, and I will be more than happy to help capture the special moments in your life for you.


photo taken by Jane Iu.