Congratulations to all the seniors out there – You did it : )!!! It was also my own master’s commencement this past weekend, but I decided not to walk because it was costly and my undergrad’s commencement ceremony was enough for me and my family. I did attend our department’s grad reception though, and it was really great to see all of my classmates again. With both teaching and photography on my plate, I realized I devote most of my time to work, and forget to celebrate my own accomplishments! Hopefully I can learn to relax a bit this summer, and sip on a mimosa or two when the weekend comes around. But enough about me, today’s spotlight is on Priscilla, the lovely senior who won the free giveaway I had in April. Photographing Priscilla was super easy! She was comfortable in front of the camera, laughed a lot, and has the most amazing tattoos on her arm/back. It felt like time was running out because there were so many great details to capture. I’m really happy with the way the photos turned out, and the beautiful blue backdrop just made it even better. Thank you again Priscilla for entering the giveaway on my Instagram. I’m planning my next giveaway session soon, so please stay tuned for a chance to win a free shoot : )