Happy Friday everyone! On the second day of my Okinawa trip, we decided to take a tour that was conducted in Japanese. It was quite last minute so we didn’t have the opportunity to look around and see if there were others conducted in English or Mandarin. Even though I couldn’t understand what the tour guide was saying the entire time, I enjoyed being in this role because the teacher part of me wanted to experience how it’s like to be a language learner again! With language as a barrier, there are still many ways we can comprehend information. I was glad that I got the opportunity to explore those ways on my own and, hopefully, to utilize those techniques for my English learners when I’m back in the classroom.  On this day, the bus took us to Shurijo Castle ->The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters ->Himeyuri Monument ->Peace Memorial Park -> Okinawa World (Gyokusendo Cave). I hope you enjoy my journey : )